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We are an Investor Marketing firm specializing in the representation of micro-cap to small-cap companies. We specifically target and market to retail investors, stock brokers, traders, institutional investors, analysts, publications, and writers. Potentially explosive growth opportunities are created and momentum is harnessed to encourage additional local and national coverage driving to establish liquid markets for our clients.



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Exposure is key.

Big Reach Media owns one of the largest networks of penny stock and small-cap financial publications sites that all support Big Reach Media projects and campaigns. These help to drive online awareness through marketing campaigns, word of mouth and click through traffic.

Website exposure is an absolute requirement in today’s market place. Millions of investors look to the internet for guidance with ideas and insights on some of the most emerging growth companies available.

Investors and the investment community as a whole are forever changing the way they receive their information and how they decide on each of their investment decisions. Big Reach Media is always updating, changing and adding new intellectual assets to bring our clients cutting edge marketing tactics and sites to ensure the best possible chance of success.

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Marijuana Marketing

Targeted marketing generates significantly better results and a long-lasting effect, this is most true in respect to the marijuana, cannabis, and hemp industries. Targeted marketing offers the company a bigger bang for their buck when it comes to attracting new investors. When funding a marketing campaign that simply reaches the masses, of which many may not have interests in the marijuana industry, Big Reach Media focuses on those who are. Through hundreds of publications, websites, social media groups, bloggers, journalists, investment clubs, trading groups and writers all specifically marijuana related, your marketing dollar is not simply wasted. We will assist you in opening the doors to some of the largest publications and their memberships of millions of marijuana enthusiast, users, investors, distributors and more. This option essentially offers our clients a "2 for 1" scenario for their marketing dollars as they will receive all the investor marketing as part of our regular marketing campaign, and each time the company issues substantial news we make sure it is seen by the marijuana industry professionals, contributors and publications.

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Now this is EXCITING!

Drive millions of people that follow some of todays leading experts and influencers

Influencer marketing can open the flood gates for targeted traffic.

Marketing through influencers also offers you placement along side of todays leading companies.

We have access to some of the biggest influencers in social media, and some of the largest celebrities on the planet, and many of the most trusted experts in their respective industries. With this explosively dynamic combination, your brand will be all anyone is talking about.

By using a "tried and tested" influencer marketing platform, brand recognition is accelerated exponentially compared to other outdated marketing techniques.

A full suite of social media marketing services

Looking to scale up your social presence?

Social media is one of the fastest ways to reach millions of people when there is something new to talk about. Big Reach Media has built one of the largest networks of investor portals using a combination of various outlets to support our marketing plans. We take social media a step farther by helping companies create and develop ad campaigns through popular social outlets and assist our clients in maximizing their efforts and generating results.


To generate liquid markets for our clients to maximize efforts and drive results.



Always developing new platforms and staying ahead of the curve to ensure we are always providing innovative cutting edge marketing campaigns for our clients.


Big Reach Media is currently developing Equity Alert, a platform that will disrupt the investor relations marketing industry and revolutionize the way companies share their story. Equity Alert will be a central hub, designed to fill the informational voids left by a shrouded industry. By having industry experts, influencers, and market professionals, conducting in depth interviews and analysis of companies, potential investors now gain an unbiased view of today’s emerging growth companies.


The marijuana industry is booming. Many analysts agree, we are about to see a massive and exponential increase to the industry as Canada and other countries are preparing for legalization. Big Reach Media has collaborated with Mj.ca to offer its cannabis clients additional coverage through the site and the hundreds of cannabis publications, writers, websites, groups, clubs, and individual investor networks whose main interest is marijuana stocks. We are building one of Canada’s biggest marijuana networks online.


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